Welcome to Sterling Crown Group of companies. We have built an international reputation through our commitment to excellence on quality products, competitive pricing, good packaging and reliable delivery to almost any locations in the world.

Sterling Crown has maintained its leadership position in the ceiling products industry offering a comprehensive range of vinyl laminated, engraved and pre-painted Gypsum Ceiling Panels.


The Gypsum boards is manufactured with an incombustible core, primarily gypsum, which is surfaced with paper bonded to the core. Our regular aerated gypsum core ceiling tiles which contains gypsum plaster - a naturally occuring material, combines to produce a high quality product that is free of any harmful substances that fulfils all current national and international requirements.


The Sterling Crown Gypsum panels are square cut to any imperial or metric sizes and are easily installed in exposed T-grids metal systems to form suspended interior ceilings. They can be used in all types of commercial, education and institutional buildings such as offices, schools, hospitals, colleges, restaurant and shops.


The panels can be supplied with decorative vinyl lamination, engraved or pre - painted finish on the exposed area. The vinyl surface requires no further decoration, is easily cleaned and provides good light reflection.The tiles can also be supplied with polished aluminium foil backing which provides good thermal insulation properties or in red pvc backing for use in humid areas to function as a vapour barrier.


Today, Sterling Crown is recognised as Malaysia's leading manufacturer of gypsum ceiling panels and has expanded its export markets in Europe, Middle East, Africa, South East Asia and Australia. We wish to thank our valued customers and we look forward in continuing to service you in the future.

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